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Project examples

Extension and renovation - Cuffley, Hertfordshire

The proposed development of this property was for the erection of two-storey and single storey extensions to the front and rear of the property. 


Our client's brief was focussed on making best use of the natural light and sun's energy to reduce energy costs. All living and family areas take advantage of glazing to the South and South West. The Development was also designed not to affect existing landscaping and planting, but to enhance the natural features thus increasing biodiversity.

Replacement Dwelling - Radlett, Hertfordshire 

Our client purchased the existing single three storey property with the intention of demolition and erection of a replacement dwelling with detached garage. 


Our client's initial aim was to create a bigger living space than currently owned as the family grew older. As the concept progressed they were keen to maximise the function of the space within the plot by incorporating a basement, which would contain a gym and swimming pool. The rear of the property has been designed to contain a folding sliding doorset overlooking the lowered terrace area to keep the area light and flowing out to the expansive garden.


Replacement Dwelling - Barrington, Cambridgeshire

Our client had received planning approval for the demolition of an existing run down house and outbuildings and the creation of a new property.


Our brief was to create enhancements and improved design, together with providing full construction and working drawings with involvement from commencement on site through to completion of works.


We obtained planning approval for changes. The enhancements included reorganisation of internal spaces, creating a large open plan area, ground floor accomodation, galleried landing spaces and external design changes to the fenestration of the building.


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